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Analyze the classification of seals by nature
- Apr 21, 2018 -

According to the different materials used in the sealing ring, different classifications are produced on the nature.

1 high temperature sealing ring

2. High pressure sealing ring

3. Corrosion-resistant sealing ring

4. Wear resistant seals

The sealing ring is mainly used to prevent oil, water, corrosion, and gas leakage to prevent leakage: IDI seal, UN seal, UHS seal, OSI seal, UPH seal, YX seal, YA seal, QY seal ring, KY seal ring, O-ring seal, rectangular seal ring, star seal ring, L-shaped collar, DKB-type dust ring, DKI-type dust ring, DKBI-type dust-proof ring, AF-type protection Dust ring, DH dust ring, DHS dust ring, bud ring, drum ring, mountain ring seal ring. Fluorine rubber sealing ring. Fluorine rubber sealing ring. Silicone rubber sealing ring. Silicone sealing ring. High-temperature seals o-rings o-rings, enveloping seals, fluorine seals, y-rings, v-rings, star-shaped rings, kdas rings, nok.nak. Metal-coated gaskets, polytetrafluoroethylene Ethylene seals. Seals. Rubber seals, plastic seals.


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