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How to distinguish the type and material of the seal
- Jul 24, 2018 -

First, large-size, large-size O-ring production process

1, the selection of large-size O-rings should pay attention to the following technical details

(1) Calculate the pre-stretch rate (piston seal) or pre-compression ratio (piston rod seal), section shrinkage;

(2) Pay attention to the compatibility of the seal and the liquid to be sealed, taking into account the swelling of the seal;

(3) Also consider the thermal expansion of the seal.

For example, the piston seal: if the diameter of the seal groove is 780, then the inner diameter of the seal you ordered (including the tolerance) should be at least 780 or less; if it is the piston rod seal: if the diameter of the groove is 780, then you order The outer diameter of the seal (including tolerances) must be at least 780.



2. Processing method of large-size O-ring seal

Large-scale non-standard O-ring seal processing method, mold design, the use of upper and lower mold design long strip multi-cavity mold, the mold is closed at both ends can be disassembled to ensure high-pressure vulcanization, the upper and lower molds can be installed at temperatures of 30 to 250 ° C Adjusting the heating device, adding adjustable cooling devices with temperature between 30 and 250 °C at both ends of the upper and lower molds; assuming that the upper and lower mold temperatures are between 150 and 220 °C, the upper and lower molds are detected after dust removal and the mold is closed and the temperature is adjusted; The non-standard O-ring wire diameter requires the preparation of the width and height of the rubber strip, the rubber strip is placed in the cavity of the upper and lower molds, and the mold is closed, and the upper and lower molds are closed at both ends to pressurize and vulcanize; After the strips are taken out of the upper and lower molds, the vulcanization is continued. After the length of the strips reaches the total length, the strips are sequentially butted until the mating of the entire O-rings is completed, so that the large-scale non-standard O-rings are prepared.