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Insulating rubber pad
- Dec 26, 2016 -

1, insulating rubber ingredients: insulating rubber pad used plastic insulating materials, with NR,SBR and excellent insulation properties of non-polar rubbers like IIR manufacturing. 2, insulated pad features: insulated cushion upper surface irregularities that there should be no harm. Harmful irregularities refers to one of the following characteristics, which undermine the uniformity, damaged surface contour defects, such as small holes, cracks, and local swelling, cuts, mixed conductive foreign objects, creases, gaps, smooth corrugated and casting marks and so on. Harmless irregular refers to the production process in the formation of surface irregularities. Good quality insulation pad has no odor, no bubbles, no potholes, smooth surfaces are clean. 3, insulating rubber pad thickness measurement: throughout the insulation mat should be randomly selected more than 5 different points for thickness measurement and inspection. Micrometer or similar precision measuring instruments can be used.