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Natural rubber panels
- Dec 26, 2016 -

The higher elasticity of rubber sheet, next to BR in the General rubber pad plate. In elastic materials, the strength of the rubber sheet, rubber sheet rubber, rubber, vulcanized rubber strength higher. Rubber sheet tear strength is higher, up to 98kN/m, as well as better wear resistance. Rubber sheet high mechanical strength because it is self-reinforced rubber, when stretched, will make molecular chain orientation along the stress direction form crystals. Electrical properties of natural rubber: natural rubber non-polar substances, is a good insulating material. When Vulcanized natural rubber sheet, by introducing polar factors, such as sulfur, promoters, etc, so that the insulation performance. Medium resistance performance of natural rubber: natural rubber is a non-polar substance, it is soluble in non-polar solvent and nonpolar oil. Natural rubber sheet not cyclohexane, benzene, gasoline, and other media, uncured glue is dissolved in the medium, the swelling of Vulcanized rubber.