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Progress in oil-resistant rubber
- Dec 26, 2016 -

Due to the special work environment, rubber products need not only media and oil exposure but also to work at low temperatures for long periods. China has a vast territory, the eastern part of the minimum temperature can reach-50 degrees Celsius, from the Northern da hinggan mountains to the plain of minimum temperatures gradually increased, but minimum temperatures below-40 c in Changbai Mountains area. In Western China, Xinjiang's aletai region of extreme minimum temperatures below-45 ℃. Rubber parts prone to failure caused by the low temperature in these areas, rubber products, oil resistance at low temperature is particularly important, especially the rubber parts of the braking system. In the aerospace sector put forward higher requirements for rubber products, such as rubber products with ultra-low-temperature oily environments to maintain elasticity and sealing performance, high and low temperature cycle impact.