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Rubber products
- Dec 26, 2016 -

Are divided into natural and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber mainly from three-leaf rubber tree, when the skin of rubber trees were cut open, comes out Milky juice, called LaTeX, latex by condensation, washing, molding, dry natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is obtained by synthetic methods, using different raw materials (monomers) can synthesize different kinds of rubber. 1900 ~1910 year chemist C.D. Harris (Harris), determination of the structure of natural rubber is a polymer of isoprene, which opened the way for artificial synthetic rubber. 1910 Russian chemist SV Lebedev (Lebedev,1874-1934) initiated by sodium 1,3-sodium reach manhood butadiene polymerization rubber, later and there have been many new types of synthetic rubber, Polybutadiene Rubber, neoprene, SBR, and so on.