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Silicone sealed fresh cover the use of methods and benefits
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Silicone sealed fresh sealing lid is covered with all kinds of life with storage bottles and bowls, etc. Cup lid.

Silicone sealed freshness cover features: The designer's intentions lies in the mining of the details of our life often disturbed in order to solve it. For example, a glass of fruit juice, a cup of tea too late to finish, afraid to run away taste, then silicone sealed fresh cover on the big handy. Unique soft silicone material can be any living adsorption any level of glass, ceramic or stainless steel cup mouth, good sealing performance, so that the taste can not run away, the material of the silicone can use the air pressure to lift the entire cup, and in daily use In, can prevent dust fall into, simple and clear design, easy to use. Suitable for a variety of materials cup.

Silicone sealed fresh lid usage: the lid gently and gently on the cup or bowl mouth (if the cup mouth is damaged can not play the role of seal), and then press and hold the cup handle gently press down, Both accomplished

Silicone sealed fresh lid open method: just gently lift the raised lid edge on it!