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The difference between rubber and plastic shoes
- Dec 26, 2016 -

Rubber is a very old traditional sole, but wear resistance, high temperature performance is excellent. While plastic is a new material, light and easy molding. 2. made of rubber-soled shoes: rubber is a natural material, is a kind of material from nature, it has a green, so are also used at the top end of safety shoes. Because it is a natural rubber sole, so density is relatively large, made safety soles tend to be heavier and special requirements of safety shoes, a pair of safety shoes that work can be heavy. But in many cases, may also prefer this type of safety shoes, because it has a wear-resistant anti-slip effect. 3. plastic soles, originated in World War II Germany, plastics are environmentally friendly material, prone to hydrolysis, but in dry environment very well, first of all, it is light, easy to foaming, spraying can be done a variety of color, wear-resistant, and end of comfortable sandals, beach shoes and casual bottom.