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Toilet suction how to use
- Jan 25, 2018 -

1.Buy a suitable toilet suction, pay attention to press the test suction.

2. Put some water on the bottom of the toilet, and then place the suction cups in parallel to the eyes of the toilet.

3. Press hard a few times, and then pick up, red water.

Use of toilet suction:

1 can be used to clear the toilet.

2. Can also clear the pipeline or adsorption glass.

Toilet suction Introduction:

1. Toilet suction is a special tool for cleaning the toilet, easy to operate.

2. Toilet suction structure is simple, the general bottom is the use of rubber ring, the top of the stick or plastic rod combination.

Note: toilet suction purchase, but also to test. Usually toilet can be sucked in the toilet next to the toilet, used when needed to use it.