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An Environmental Factory
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Protect the environment Start with me

First, protect water resources from me

The use of water-saving water equipment; put an end to running leaks; wash off the turn off the leader; a multi-purpose water; reduce dry cleaning; refuse chemical cleaning agent; use non-phosphorus detergent powder; do not discharge sewage, waste liquid, dump trash, residue soil; Do not swim, play, or train on the surface of drinking water sources; do not wash or wash cars by the water body.

Second, start from me to prevent air pollution

Concerned about the air pollution index; Le is a “bus family”; bicycles are used for more trips; “drivers” use unleaded gasoline and regularly check automobile exhausts; refuse to eat open-air barbecues; loess is not exposed to the open air, greening and beautifying the living environment; use of non-fluorine-containing electrical appliances; Hair spray.

Third, start from me to prevent noise disturbance

Public places, soft conversation; home life, light walking; audio and television whisper; decoration think about neighbors; drive as little as possible whistle; do not set off fireworks; night, holidays, students do not produce construction noise during the test; do not use the business Audio attracts customers.

Fourth, start from me to protect the environment

Save water and electricity, choose and buy environmentally-friendly products and green products, buy vegetables, use cloth sacks, baskets, and paper bags, eat wild protected animals, eat less, eat less chewing gum, take care of the surrounding flowers, trees, and trees. Dispose of waste and garbage; do not smoke in public places; do not make loud noises in public places; participate in an environmental volunteer activity; educate children and guide people around to protect the environment.

Fifth, love flowers and trees

Prof. Deus, Professor of the Agricultural University of Calcutta, India, calculated the ecological value of a tree. A 50-year-old tree, in a cumulative calculation, generates about $31,200 worth of oxygen; it absorbs toxic gases and prevents air pollution worth about $62,500; Increase soil fertility value of $31,200; conserve water value of $37,500; provide breeding grounds for other animals with a value of $31,250; generate protein value of $2,500. Excluding the value of flowers, fruits and wood, the total value of about 196,000 US dollars was created.


We have a professional team to handle the delivery before shipment after service!