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Chinese New Year Is Coming, A Lot Of Rubber Products Sold To The United States, The Factory Is Working Overtime
- Jan 27, 2018 -

China's New Year is coming

Only now I realize that family's smile is my treasure

When I go home, I know that I am really important

There are ten days time

This is o ring gasket, it's cheap and useful, may the American or Europe buy it is very expensive, but god knows that it is so worthless, Wicked businessman earned a profit

When I see this o ring gasket I know I need working to eat and surrive

This is tub stopper also named water stopper, is useful to family

But in my home never have own one, because my family did not have a sink

Wish the one who buy this can bring you happy and luck, because I pray for you, if someone see it, do you believe god, may god also celebrate the Chinese new year .