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Furniture Accessories Art Style
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Traditional "Chinese furniture" in China for thousands of years of history has a very brilliant position, its main representative is the Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture boutique, Furniture Accessories both in the artistic style or in the cultural heritage have reached the peak in the history of the world furniture culture Have a very high status. Traditional furniture accessories as a classical furniture structure and decorative arts in an important part of the characteristics of its style is one of the important features, Furniture Accessories its role is immeasurable, they are numerous, sophisticated technology, useful, Is also very rich, for the traditional furniture, especially the Ming and Qing furniture to add a lot of glory.

Traditional parts modeling in the overall use of some auspicious patterns, these patterns are used bionic or imitation techniques often use plants or animal patterns. Furniture Accessories Classical furniture metal accessories are: hinge, noodles, noodles, turned, tag, song, eye money, beat, mention ring, wrap angle, sets of legs and other varieties.

Copper trim. Is the Ming and Qing furniture on the use of copper or brass made of various decorative pieces collectively. Such as cabinets, boxes, cabinets, cross and other furniture. According to the functional requirements, the configuration hinge, wrap angle, handle, tag, etc., Furniture Accessories not only has the meaning of the application, but also because of copper bright and smooth, and wood in the color, the strength of the strong contrast to play a good decorative effect Which formed a major feature of China's Ming and Qing furniture.

Corner furniture accessories. Furniture Accessories Is used to protect the outline of the furniture outside the corner of the triangle copper trim, three face angle isosceles right angle triangle. Classical furniture boxes, boxes and other upper and lower corners have wraps for decoration, the form of a unique style.

After the adjustment of industrial beautician, the original unsightly appearance, instantly become bright and beautiful. The so-called look at the face of the times, but also look at the strength of the times, beauticians to your high-quality products for more in-depth landscaping, making the majority of customers trust, love. High-end high-quality products is the strength of your home, Furniture Accessories the product is more high-quality appearance by our grinding machine, polishing machine to help complete. Early important, late also important, important in detail.

From the current market development point of view, as a consumer, how should we choose furniture? There have been a certain of the Chinese furniture design of the status quo as "more than five less" - imitation and more, more common, more international forms, road products and more, brand name, less brand, less creation, less personality, less national form , Less boutique. But Xiaobian also want to remind consumers not to be blinded by the appearance of furniture gorgeous, buy furniture products, furniture hardware is the key!