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Furniture Accessories Classification Of Metal Parts
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Furniture accessories, that is, in the decoration of the furniture accessories. (Furniture, furniture, etc.), kitchen furniture accessories (drawers, trash, rice boxes, shutter doors, etc.), office furniture accessories (chairs, screens, Si Si, computer keyboard frame, etc.) and lighting and Related accessories and so on.

Furniture metal parts classification

Metal in ancient times only as a decorative application in the furniture, until the Qingming period, the metal was in the furniture (mainly wooden box, cabinet lock, package edge, hinge, etc.) to achieve a simple function. Today we simply talk about the classification of furniture metal parts.

According to the use is divided into: plate furniture hardware accessories, cabinet hardware accessories, office furniture hardware accessories, sofa hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories.

According to the material is divided into: zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, iron, plastic, stainless steel, PVC, ABS, copper, nylon

According to the role is divided into:

1, structural furniture, metal accessories: such as glass coffee table metal structure, to discuss the round table metal legs, etc.

2, functional furniture, metal accessories: such as horse riding, hinge, triple connection, slide, laminates, etc.

3, decorative furniture, metal accessories: such as aluminum edge, hardware pendant, metal handle, and so on

In accordance with the scope of application is divided into: plate furniture metal parts, solid wood furniture metal parts, metal furniture metal parts, office furniture, metal accessories, bathroom metal parts, cabinets furniture metal accessories, wardrobe metal accessories, and so on.

Furniture accessories include Chuangqi crystal jewelry accessories, pipe plug, foot sets, Ottomans, row skeleton, gaskets, handles, cover soles and other accessories.

Furniture accessories are also divided into sofa accessories, such as sofa wooden frame, sofa frame, sofa feet and so on.

The structure of the bed, after several centuries of development, to the present, can be described as changing earth-shaking, from the most primitive simple straw bedding to the bed load, and now the development of science and technology, but also after a long period of market test, The main part, also began to pop up, as the various furniture factory used load-bearing way.

Currently on the market good quality bed row skeleton is made of birch wood board [1], birch mainly produced in the northeast and other places. Woody structure is thick, texture straight and shiny, hardness is large. Birch has a good elastic toughness, wear and other characteristics of moisture. But dry and difficult, easy to warp. The processing properties of the raw materials are good, but should be prevented from tearing. Smooth surface, paint, better sticky performance.

The skeleton of the skeleton has a certain overall elasticity, the skeleton is more ergonomic and mechanics, compared to the ordinary flat bed, the flexibility of the ribbed bed plus the flexibility of the mattress will make people more comfortable when lying on; It is necessary to use with the mattress, row of skeleton bed, although comfortable asleep, but the technology, materials than flat bed rigorous, the cost will increase. The advantages of the product of the ribs, the advantages of the rows of skeletons and the planks are mainly that it is breathable and easy to clean and has good elasticity. If you pay more attention to sleep quality, row skeleton bed is a good choice.