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Furniture Accessories Common Sense
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Furniture Accessories Decoration, hardware is essential. Small hardware can sometimes affect the quality of the entire cabinet or doors and windows. is the so-called "A, destroyed in the nest", Furniture Accessories for hardware must be a good choice, a nail can also cause a cabinet destruction. Today, the small minister and everyone to understand the furniture hardware accessories common sense bar!

Furniture hardware refers to furniture production, furniture used in the use of hardware components. Furniture hardware variety, according to different classification standards, Furniture Accessories can be divided into different categories.

Furniture hardware is the most common by material classification, material basically has a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic and so on. Different materials of the metal, Furniture Accessories due to the characteristics of different materials, hardware performance, quality and so on.

Furniture hardware in accordance with different uses, can be divided into solid wood furniture hardware, plate furniture hardware, cabinet hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories.

The connection function hardware generally refers to in the furniture production process, the board and the board play the fastening and the connection function the component, Furniture Accessories mainly has: The triple connection piece, the Screw, the rivet, the child mother combination nut and so on, but the furniture connection piece in use most is the triple connection piece.

The three-in-one is composed of three parts, respectively, the mind (also known as eccentric nut, eccentric, eccentric parts, etc.), connecting rod (screw), embedded nut (plug, plastic, Furniture Accessories commonly known as plastic particles).

Generally have iron, zinc alloy, iron + plastic Three kinds of material, among them, foreign general with iron and zinc alloy two kinds of material, domestic furniture manufacturers because of the request is not so high, so commonly used iron + plastic connecting rod.

The furniture activity function hardware is realizes the furniture to open and close, moves and so on activity function important component. The following mainly to see the furniture hinge, slide the two activities of the hardware.

Hinge also known as hinges, it is mainly the common hinge and spring hinge Two, is the main component of the connection cabinet and door. In the daily use of furniture, the most tested is the hinge. Therefore, the quality of the hinge directly affects the life of the furniture, purchase need to be careful.

Ordinary hinge materials are mainly brass and stainless steel, brass hinge generally yellow better, which indicates that the copper content is high. Poor hinge will jerry-building, in the specifications and thickness are not up to standard. Good hinge thickness is about 3 millimeters, Furniture Accessories the difference hinge is relatively thin. Should choose the seal performance Good hinge, the purchase and opening, pull several times to feel its flexibility and firmness.

Spring hinges have full cover, half cover, no cover, for the door and cabinet body three different ways of connecting. Choose to look for the brand, Furniture Accessories the small brand of spring film easy aging, fatigue, so that the cabinet door droop. Stainless steel and steel hinge wall plate thinner, but good toughness, not easy to break. Cast iron hinge wall plate is thicker, but easy to break. Should pay attention to the hinge do not lack adjustment screws, otherwise difficult to match.

A slide rail is a guide, usually grooved or curved, that is used for the movement of furniture doors, drawers, or other moving parts and is often fitted with ball bearings. Furniture in those large and small doors, drawers and so on can be free to push and pull, load bearing, the support of the slide.