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Furniture Accessories Design And Selection
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Traditional Chinese classical furniture hardware accessories as an important part of the structure and decoration of classical furniture, has certain function, Furniture Accessories but more is it has the very strong adornment and the appreciation sex, this article has analyzed some commonly used in the accessories the profound implication and the connotation, pointed out the research to these patterns decoration, have great artistic value

Hardware fittings of Chinese classical furniture, usually refers to the box, cabinet, cabinet, Furniture Accessories chair, matters and other places to do the package with the hinge, corner, face page, handle, Shantou, tag, ring, cricket, eye money, racket, etc., to the box, cabinet,Furniture Accessories cabinet, the most applications. Unlike modern hardware fittings, Chinese classical furniture hardware fittings have a certain meaning function, the design and choice of the shape are often influenced by other decorations and patterns on furniture, which is rich in Chinese traditional characteristics. In the decorative content, a large number of the use of rich metaphors of auspicious themes reflect the aspirations of life and the pursuit of happiness, especially in the Qing Dynasty furniture on a number of metal accessories more representative, its own shape and the decorations on both contain auspicious, rich implication.

These decorations often take auspicious language, folk proverb, myth story as the subject matter, use metonymy, analogy, pun, symbol and homophonic expression technique, reach the perfect combination of pattern and auspicious language, give it the meaning of praying for auspicious kind, Furniture Accessories avoid disaster. Among them hinge, Shantou, cricket, eye money, lock the design is relatively simple, Furniture Accessories decorative patterns use more mainly face leaves, noodles, tags, rackets and other accessories. These accessories on the decorative theme of a wide range, rich in content, beautiful pattern, full of life taste, Furniture Accessories especially the application of auspicious patterns, due to metal ornaments and the creation of space limitations, and the furniture itself, Furniture Accessories compared to the design of the decorative design is more concise style, commonly used are:

1. Flower basket, one of the Dark Eight, for the blue Mining and holding the treasures, there is "no goods in the basket" meaning. In the basket of God fruit flower, can wide-spread the gods, Furniture Accessories the implication of auspicious, celebrate, is the style commonly used to hang the pattern, and the basket style itself has some changes in the shape.

2. Gourd, also known as Thin Reed, pot reed, Furniture Accessories gourd melon and so on, is also one of the Dark Eight. The gourd vine stretches, many knot seeds, the grain is numerous, therefore was regarded as the generations mascot. The gourd or Taoist priest carry things, it is said that often contain God or other treasures, so Changyoubao gourd of the name. It is often used as a handle accessory on accessories.

3. Butterflies, butterfly flying and bright are closely linked. The ancient verses in this often depicted, such as: "The years of red flowers Jie language, Spring rong butterfly dance bird bosom friend." Therefore, the butterfly is also used in the decoration to refer to the spring, Furniture Accessories or as a mascot to express the beauty.

4. Bats, "bats" and "Fu" homophonic, in the auspicious terminology of technical secondary school refers to happiness, such as: blessings, blessed land, Furniture Accessories fuxing high shine. Bats have long been used as mascots for decorative art. The pattern of bats is created by people with beautiful imaginations and rich associations, and the meaning of the bat's Flying Pro is "bliss", hoping that happiness will fall from the sky like a bat.