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Furniture Accessories High Speed Development Period
- May 15, 2017 -

In the past ten years, China's Furniture Accessories furniture fittings industry has undergone the first rapid development period, annual production rate of more than 20%, annual export growth rate of more than 30%, the whole industry has evolved from traditional handicraft Furniture Accessories industry to mechanized production and equipment advanced, complete categories, basic to meet the national economic development and people's livelihood needs and international market export needs of important industries. Furniture Accessories China has become the world's furniture fittings production power, and in 2005 years more than Italy become the world's largest exporter of furniture fittings. According to incomplete statistics, 2006 the National furniture fittings Furniture Accessories industry GDP amounted to 430 billion yuan, of which the state-owned and scale Enterprises completed 185.276 billion yuan, compared to the same period 2005 increase 27.1%, production and sales rate of 97.45%, economic benefits, taxes and other indicators are significantly better than the previous year. Industry-wide exports of 17.465 billion US dollars, a year-to-26.88%, imports 802 million, growth 17.14%. Its production and export growth rate is higher than the Furniture Accessories national light industry average.

Talking about the remarkable achievements made by the furniture fittings industry, the vice chairman of the Chinese Furniture Fittings Association Zhu Changling to Furniture Accessories reporters the internal reason: first, the scale of production has been expanding. With the new industrial park construction pace and production capacity to improve, management level also greatly increased, family-style enterprises began to change to the modern enterprise, workshop-style enterprises toward a highly mechanized direction, the management level of enterprises, management ability to jump to a new level.

Second, the product quality is constantly Furniture Accessories improving, the emergence of a number of brand-name products. At present, the furniture fittings industry has a total of 18 products to obtain "China famous brand" title. Coupled with new materials, the application of technology, Furniture Accessories multi-functional products continue to develop, products more colorful.

Thirdly, the construction of furniture fittings city is booming, and the scale is getting bigger and higher. In the gradual formation of the Chinese characteristics of furniture fittings circulation mode At the same time, a group of dealers with the formation of the increasingly developed sales Furniture Accessories channels, continuous improvement of service quality, to promote the circulation of furniture accessories products and sales, to provide quality services to consumers played an important role.

Fourth, the export of furniture fittings is strong. From the provincial (city) distribution, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu ranked growth Head array; from the distribution Furniture Accessories of export destination country, China's furniture fittings export has reached more than 250 100 countries and regions; from export products, NES class (mainly sofa and other products) growth fastest, currently accounted for the export volume of 42%, more than wooden furniture fittings accounted for the first place.

Some analysts believe that in the comprehensive construction of a well-off society in the new period, furniture fittings industry as a dominant industry, the trend of Furniture Accessories sustained and healthy development is not changed, and will be further enhanced. In the course of the development of the industry, will no longer be the main volume of expansion, but to improve the quality of the characteristics, high-tech will be more extensive scope to be used, the change of growth mode, the improvement of product quality, the innovation of management level, impel the enterprise to scale, specialization and multi-energy direction, thus realizing the strategic goal of China from the furniture fittings producer to the power of furniture fittings.