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Furniture Accessories Structure And Decoration Art
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Chinese traditional furniture hardware accessories, that is, Furniture Accessories those inlaid in the cabinet, boxes, cabinets, chairs, cross to do the package and face leaves, handles, all kinds of accessories and so on. Mosaic in the furniture on the accessories, as hairpin ladies, the appropriate appropriate.

Traditional hardware accessories as an important part of the classical furniture structure and decorative arts, but also reflects its style characteristics of one of the important features in which the role is naturally immeasurable. First of all, it has a certain degree of functionality, Furniture Accessories can better achieve the real role of furniture, in addition, more of it is also a strong decorative and enjoyment, from these parts of the body, or even determine the age of furniture or identification At that time the craft and so on. To study it, whether it is for literature, history, folklore or art history and many other aspects, have great social value and economic value.

"Hinge, handle, box buckle" is the traditional hardware accessories in the three main types, including "handle" and according to its own different pattern features, Furniture Accessories each have their own, and these different patterns, respectively, and placed a different meaning And the desire of good and peaceful, so hard to do artifacts, is the ancient Chinese handicrafts can have such a brilliant achievement.

 Handle, "hold" the dragon and career. Handle in the prominent position of furniture, making more refined, more extensive content, see more is the first handle. The dragon is a symbol of power and dignity to the emperor, a symbol of strength and virtue for the people. Dragon has a very strong vitality, Furniture Accessories all-conquering, invincible.

Box buckle, "trap" happiness and longevity. Box buckle to "blessing", "life" cultural theme of the most common. Combined with "a hundred years and together, longevity double" and other auspicious meaning. "Hundred years and together" refers to life and harmony and smooth sailing, "Furniture Accessories longevity double" refers to the longevity and longevity. Box buckle at the bottom with a round wishful moire, meaning the longevity of the endless.

The door and window frame on the installation position on the line in place, put, with the mold temporarily fixed, with the line fall, the level of the door and window frame correction, straight, with 100 mm nails will be fixed in the door frame Brick, nail cap should be smashed after bite into the box. Furniture Accessories Renovation of old doors and windows without the need to install a new door frame, but should be wrapped in the door on the pop-up door frame position, and nail the door frame.

The door and window fan on the box, according to the door to draw high and low, wide and narrow size after the plan, to meet the standard, the hinge slot out, the hinge first fixed on the doors and windows, and then installed in the window frame. The hinge slot position should be accurate and prevent the door from being twisted after fixing.

When installing the sliding door, Furniture Accessories the installation line of the upper beam, the side frame plate and the lower rail should be determined according to the 500 mm horizontal line and the coordinate reference line. Furniture Accessories Fix the upper beam to the top of the door with a screw, Furniture Accessories with a side frame, and use the screws to secure the side frame to the side of the wall.