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Furniture Accessories Their Meaning
- May 10, 2017 -

The traditional sense of the classical furniture, the use of tenon structure without the use of nails. Then the classical furniture accessories really just like metal insulation? Not all right. Traditional wood for furniture, there are also hardware accessories, which are mainly copper accessories, Furniture Accessories play the necessary connection, activities, fastening, decoration and other functions. China as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the Warring States period there are used for the cabinet of the copper hinge and paint for the corner, the foot of the gold-plated pieces, copper ring and so on.

Chinese traditional classical furniture in China for thousands of years of history has a very brilliant position, its main representative is the Ming and Qing Dynasties furniture accessories boutique, both in artistic style or in the cultural heritage have reached the peak in the history of the world Furniture Accessories furniture culture Have a very high status. Traditional furniture hardware accessories as an important part of the classical furniture structure and decorative arts, but also reflects its style characteristics of one of the important features in which the role is naturally immeasurable, they are numerous, sophisticated technology, Furniture Accessories useful Wide, modeling is also very rich, for the traditional furniture, especially the Ming and Qing furniture to add a lot of glory.

And these traditional Chinese classical furniture accessories have a variety of different patterns, you know the meaning of it?

"Rotation" wishful and auspicious, hinge of the page to the traditional auspicious patterns as the theme. Such as fish-shaped, "million" sign hinge. "Million" is auspicious signs, "million" word strokes to the Quartet stretch, representing the sun shining light, giving warmth.

2, handle

"Hold" the dragon and career. Handle in the prominent position of furniture, making more sophisticated, more extensive content. Long hand handle is more common, Furniture Accessories some designed for two relative faucet. The dragon is a symbol of power and dignity to the emperor, a symbol of strength and virtue for the people. Dragon has a strong vitality, all-conquering, invincible. Flower basket-shaped handle, look carefully as a carved fine flower basket, rough look like a top hat. Flower basket meaning flowers in full bloom, the future is bright; official hat meaning career wide. When you hold such a handle you can feel a strong power and a good future.

"Trap" happiness and longevity. Box buckle to "blessing", "life" word subject is more common. Combination is "a hundred years together", "longevity double" and other auspicious meaning. "A hundred years together" refers to life and harmony and smooth sailing, "longevity double" refers to happiness Furniture Accessories and longevity. "Fushou" combination of the box buckle, the general box to form a shape, in the buckle on a hollow "blessing" word, meaning full life. Buckle at the bottom with a round wishful moire ornaments, meaning longevity, good luck. So that people in the open box, they will feel that they are in the "hand" happy and longevity; close the box, the box buckle on the "trap" happiness and longevity.

  Copper is the earliest use of metal, the use of copper on the early progress of human civilization far-reaching impact. "The country's major events, in the worship and Rong". Xia, Shang, on behalf of the bronze found on Wednesday, mainly used in rituals and wars, the formation of the traditional Chinese characteristics of the bronze culture system. Although the subsequent development of porcelain gradually replaced the copper utensils, but people's feelings of copper has continued to this day.

In ancient times, copper is wealth, and from the metal point of view, copper has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, ductility, casting and excellent mechanical properties, can manufacture precision instruments, also used for furniture accessories. Especially in the traditional mahogany furniture, copper, light metal and red sandalwood, red and other dark red wood color, with the noble and beautiful, complement each other. Copper is not easy to rust, the use of a period of time will be generated in the surface oxide layer, so after years of grinding, gloss more soft.

Furniture on the copper pieces to the hinge, handle the most widely used, in addition to the surface page, noodles, turned, tag, beat, wrap angle, sets of legs, ring, plug, lock, etc., these copper decoration process, Flowers and plain, but also derived from a variety of shapes, and furniture, wood engraved lines on the line echoes, copper accessories like furniture to wear jewelry, fully embodies the craftsmen of the aesthetic and wisdom.