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How To Use The Toilet plunger
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Toilet suction is an essential tool for toilets to clear the sewer. The method of use is to use the principle of vacuum suction to wash away the dirt in the sewer. When using it, let the wood stand up, hold down the front end of the wood, and force it down to form a pressure ring. When the water is added, it feels stressed.

1. Diligently clean the toilet. After dredging the toilet, disinfect the toilet bowl with a disinfectant. Discard used wire, disinfect or discard worn rubber gloves and any tools.


2. If you need to stop the water flowing to the toilet bowl, close the valve that is connected to the toilet.

Point the mouth at the bottom of the toilet and press it down. When you pull it out, pull out the jammed things.

Let the suction cup face the pressure on the toilet, causing a vacuum negative pressure. The general thing comes out several times. But if you drop something bigger or the oil is too much, you may want to find a professional water!

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