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How To Use The Toilet Suction?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

It is understood that more than 80% of households have encountered a situation of blockage of the toilet, and the toilet blockage can be solved by the professional person in addition to the door-to-door clearing. However, when using the toilet to suck, be sure to pay attention to the method, do not operate indiscriminately, so as to avoid more serious blockage. So, how is the toilet suction used? And what are the common toilet suction styles? ?

1. How to use the toilet suction? First, the water should be covered by the toilet, gently pressed down, pushed to the end and pulled up. Be careful not to pull out the water, otherwise the water will splash, so that the toilet is easy to clear.

2, then press the flush button, fill the toilet with water, then the toilet is sucked into the toilet's sewage outlet, press the toilet firmly, when the toilet is heard, it means the toilet is open.