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Jiaxin Rubber Told You To Clear The Toilet Nine Practical Ways
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Home flushing toilets are generally not easy to block, but if the unfortunate thing really happened, the home unfortunate blocked the toilet, call someone to repair may delay a little time, if the block is not so powerful, You yourself can get enough food and clothing, here are nine more practical ways to clear the toilet.

1. Sometimes it is only temporary blocking, plugging is not very powerful, this time more flushing, it will pass, if it is dirt, paper, a class of soluble or can be scattered things, red hot water point down Can be.

2. You can buy some caustic soda, burning water point to caustic soda melt, into the toilet, and so on for a few minutes red water can be dredged.

3. With a special software to clear the pipeline hook, hook the software into the toilet will hook the hook out, wash it with water on it.

4. If the toilet is more plugged, you can try to find a hose, firmly poke the blockage, the blockage to rotten, and then pumping the blockage to the rushed.

5 with a special tool to clear the toilet to clear.

6. Find a mop, first fill the toilet with water, do not let the water full out, keep lifting up and then poke down, not too much range, but to force action faster.

7. Find a stick, wrap the cloth around one end of the stick, wrap the cloth into a ball or a column, wrap it in a cloth bag, and then poked the blocked mouth.

8. If the toilet is blocked by sediment or hard objects, you can only find a bendable wire, stretching into the interior of the toilet, slowly evacuating the sediment.

9. Use quick water to clear the toilet, find a clinker hose, a faucet, a plug into the toilet stool, and then cover the main toilet, turn on the tap, the use of rapid water to disperse the blockage


• The best way to prevent a toilet from getting blocked is to not throw something that should not be thrown into the toilet so you do not have that much trouble.