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O-rings And Deformation Of
- Dec 26, 2016 -

Long stretches of rubber o-rings-relaxation, as well as lack of o-rings elasticity, gradually lost their sealing capacity. In the select within select profile with O-rings O-rings of the coarse. The hardness of the rubber material is also a key factor, hardness affects the O-ring cross section deformation. In the stretch under the same conditions, large hardness of O-rings, cross section height of more. It should be in accordance with the requirements, try to choose a lower hardness of sealing material. O-rings temperature affects its permanent deformation, high temperature will accelerate the aging of rubber, the higher the temperature, O-rings, the greater the compression. Therefore, the choice was O-rings and rubber materials, attention should be paid to the environment temperature O-rings. Considering the deformation of rubber materials recovery index and index.