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On The Advantages Of Rubber O-rings
- Dec 26, 2016 -

1, and for variety sealed form: static sealed, and dynamic sealed, and for various uses material, size and Groove are has standardization, swap sex strong. 2, and for variety movement way: rotating movement, and axis to reciprocating movement or combination movement (for example rotating reciprocating combination movement). 3, and for variety different of sealed media: oil, and water, and gas, and chemical media or other mixed media. through selection right of rubber material and appropriate of formula design, achieved on oil, and water, and air, and gas and the various chemical media effective of sealed role. Wide temperature range (-60 ℃ ~ + 220 c), fixed using pressure up to 1500Kg/cm2 (reinforcing rings). 4, the design is simple, compact and easy to disassemble, rubber o-ring cross section structure is extremely simple, and there is a seal, the sealing property is reliable. Due to the rubber o-rings and install the part structure is extremely simple, and has formed standardization, so replacement is very easy to install.