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Silicone Rubber Product Manufacturing Processes And Phenomena
- Dec 26, 2016 -

Silicone products production has two species method, a is with mixed refining rubber solid molded of products, this process production of products material is with peroxide do sulfide of, environmental performance poor, need refining rubber, and open refining, and cut side, and weighing, and molded, and tore fly side, process, to please many people to production, main for low-end of silicone products application, price certainly not high, another a is liquid silicone rubber shot out forming of products, this process is directly buy back double group copies of sealed barrels loaded silicone, with liquid silicone rubber shot out forming machine directly production, Loading machine for material flow as a whole is in a sealed condition, without human intervention, is not affected by pollution, and material used Platinum curing agents, environmental performance is very good, so in the medical, baby products, adult products, such as high-end industries are widely used, and suggest cost-effective machinery production.