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The Source Of Rubber
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Rubber refers to a highly elastic polymer material with reversible deformation. It is flexible at room temperature and can undergo large deformation under a small external force. After being removed, it can be restored to its original shape. Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer with a low glass transition temperature (T g) and a high molecular weight, often greater than a few hundred thousand.

The early rubber was latex from plant such as rubber tree, rubber grass and the like, which was made of processed materials with elasticity, insulation, imperviousness and air. High elasticity of the polymer compounds. Divided into two kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is made from rubber tree, rubber grass and other plant extract made of plastic processing; synthetic rubber by a variety of monomers derived by polymerization. Rubber products are widely used in all aspects of industry or life.

The word glue comes from the Indian cau-uchu, meaning "tree of tears." Natural rubber is from the clover rubber tree when tapping the latex coagulation, drying and obtained. In 1770, J. Priestley, a British chemist, discovered that rubber could be used to wipe away pencil writing. The word material for this purpose was then called rubber, and has been used to this day. Rubber molecular chain can be cross-linked, cross-linked rubber by the external force deformation occurs, has the ability to quickly recover, and has good physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability. Rubber is the basic raw material of the rubber industry, widely used in the manufacture of tires, hoses, tapes, cables and other rubber products.

It hurts (such as the bark of the stem) when it secrete a large amount of sap containing rubber emulsions.

In addition, fig trees and some Euphorbia plants can also provide rubber. Germany had been cut off from rubber supplies during the Second World War and had tried to obtain rubber from these plants but later changed to synthetic rubber.

The first rubber tree was grown in South America, but after artificial grafting, there were also large quantities of rubber trees in Southeast Asia. In fact, Asia has become the most important rubber source.

Rubber made of silver chrysanthemum can reduce the sensitivity.