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Toilet Accessories Check And Handle
- Jul 01, 2017 -

Toilet in our lives has an indispensable position in our lives also occupy a place, Toilet Accessories if the toilet is installed improperly used, Toilet Accessories will produce big and small problems plaguing our lives. So Kang Jie teach you some of the toilet tank failure check and treatment methods:

1. Check whether the tap water pressure is too low high and low pressure water (less than 0.03MPAa below) or too high (0.8MPA above)

2. Check whether the floating cup of the inlet valve is movable up and down, whether it is caught by the tank wall or for its parts.

3. Unscrew the inlet valve cover and check that the seal inside the valve body is stuck or dislodged by debris.

4. Check if the inlet valve is broken

Toilet accessories are the central part of the toilet bowl, Toilet Accessories the industry called "toilet heart", mainly by the inlet valve, drain valve and button composition. In general, it can be divided into two categories: Siamese and Split. Siamese accessories for Siamese toilet. Split accessories for split toilet. The inlet valve part can be divided into side water and bottom water, there are backward water. Toilet Accessories Drain valve part can be divided into double-press, hanging chain and barrel. The button portion can be divided into side buttons, top buttons and front buttons.

Toilet water tank accessories since there is a water valve, Toilet Accessories then of course there is a water valve. Inlet valve As the name suggests, the most important role is to control the toilet tank water into a device, when the tank because of the water and the loss of water when the inlet valve will automatically start the water, the water level to the preset position, It will stop the water. Now, Toilet Accessories in the face of the market, the total toilet products, the price is multi-level changes, many consumers will be around the clouds, so in the purchase of the toilet, the special need to take a look at the toilet water tank accessories, Toilet Accessories whether Is intact, especially the inlet valve and the drain valve.

The drain valve and the inlet valve are the "heart" of the toilet, and the button is like a control center that controls the beating of the toilet "heart". The toilet bowl of the button, are generally presented oval shape, more 38mm, 48mm, 58mm three sizes. It is very simple, Toilet Accessories but strong, not easy to damage, which contains the spring, Toilet Accessories most of them are made of 304 stainless steel wire made of durable, not rust, stretch full. Toilet Accessories The use of electroplating technology, so that the button looks long and smooth. The use of the button is also related to the toilet water tank accessories and the use of the use of drainage valve Oh!