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Toilet Accessories Comparison
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Toilet Accessories Gently touch the surface of the toilet, if there is no rugged feeling, and feel the glaze and the body feel are very delicate, which shows that the quality of the toilet is better. If it is in the low-grade toilet, the surface of the glazed and the body will be relatively rough, dark colors, light irradiation will find a small hole.

High-grade toilet because of the high temperature when firing, Toilet Accessories to meet the requirements of all-ceramic, so weigh in the hands will have a heavy feeling. While the low-grade toilet firing temperature is low, the time is short, so did not meet the requirements of all-ceramic. (So the toilet is generally heavier and better)

High temperature fired toilet water absorption is very low, it is not easy to inhale the sewage, resulting in odor. And some middle and low toilet water absorption is very high, when the suction into the sewage is very easy to issue an incredible smell, and difficult to clean. A long time, Toilet Accessories but also the phenomenon of cracking and leakage. In the selection, you can gently hit the toilet by hand, if the percussion sound hoarse, unclear and so loud, then the toilet is likely to have split, or the product is not cooked.

The old side of the old toilet is rough, Toilet Accessories long-term use will inevitably scale on the inner wall, a serious time will block the toilet out of the toilet and cause the toilet slowly. Refused to refuse to block the yellow, the toilet a block, hard life, can be full of rushed to the toilet to open the toilet lid, the results full of floating ... ...

Water cover: that is, each finished the toilet, and finally stay in the toilet in the water, play the role of deodorant, the water plane is the water cover. Toilet Accessories According to the national standard of sanitary ceramics GB 6952-2005, the water cover to the seat of the distance of not less than 14CM, water seal height of not less than 5CM, width of not less than 8.5CM, length of not less than 10CM. Whether the toilet is splashing water mainly to see the toilet surface and the water cover the distance, the water cover area, height has a direct relationship.

Punching hole: the depths of the toilet set to help punching holes, this hole to play the auxiliary function of ordinary toilet to help punching 1.5cm, Toilet Accessories toilet to 2.8cm, hole height is not easy to splash the water with the wall around the wall Flush hole all-round, multi-angle erosion design enough to ensure that the dirt quickly and quietly washed away the surface without any residue.

Outlet: toilet mouth size is generally about 80mm, the pipeline will need a diameter of 110 sewage pipe. Generally better toilet will be designed large-diameter sewage outfall, compared to ordinary products more effective to prevent clogging, the pipeline within 360 degrees glide full of smooth sewage does not leave.

Possibly, of course, Toilet Accessories to buy a favorite of their own, and most people will choose the base of all-inclusive Oh, because the whole package is easy to engage in health, half packs do not engage in health.

Damping buffer cover: different from the general seat cover, this with damping buffer cover to prevent the cover and the ring when the ring issued by the harsh noise, but the use of friction to make this damping buffer cover When you close down, you can slow down without any noise.

Smart toilet cover: Compared with the traditional toilet cover, smart toilet has many special features: such as hips clean, lower body clean, mobile clean, Toilet Accessories sitting ring insulation, warm air drying, automatic deodorant, quiet seated and so on. The most convenient is that in addition to the button panel can be operated, but also specifically equipped with remote control device to achieve these functions, when used, as long as the remote control gently press, all functions can be easily achieved.

Flange ring: flange ring is the ring, in fact, many industrial bearings for the shock and anti-friction with the rubber pad called the flange, Toilet Accessories toilet with the flange on the toilet outlet and toilet Holes between the role of sealing, so that the siphon toilet is not leaked flush effect is also better.

Angle valve and hose: the installation of the toilet must be equipped with these accessories, the ordinary angle valve and hose within 20 yuan, the brand of four or five ranging from you to see the purchase of the brand free to send three-piece (Flange + angle valve + hose)