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Toilet Accessories Component
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Whether the toilet can be used normally is the beginning of a happy life for the guarantor. Toilet Accessories The toilet tank is an important part of the toilet, Toilet Accessories once the toilet is a problem caused by the water tank is generally caused by the problem, so for everyone to master the water tank assembly accessories for daily repair is necessary.

1, first check the old toilet there is no cracks, Toilet Accessories pay special attention to start to raise the toilet place, because the toilet is made of ceramic, Toilet Accessories like glass will cut people, so when moving the toilet to wear thick work gloves.

2, the tank cover up - remove the tank cover, Toilet Accessories the lid will not come to the place.

3, turn off the water source, the water valve position is on the left side of the toilet.

4, the water inside the tank washed away, Toilet Accessories press the water handle do not put, let the water completely wear light rubber gloves, with a sponge or towel to the water tank has not flow dried water.

5, with a small disposable container to the remaining water in the toilet scoop light.Toilet Accessories Use a sponge or towel to dry the rest of the toilet.

6, the connection of the water pipe from the toilet unloading, the excess water poured into the bucket.

7, so that the tank and toilet seat attached. Toilet Accessories The bolt may not be removed. It takes some hours to remove the tank from the toilet seat.

8, the nut with the fixed bolt removed. Toilet Accessories Sometimes the bolt will turn, so use the saw to cut the bolt. You can buy a single handle saw, easy to use in the space of small work area. Toilet Accessories If the toilet tank leaks open the toilet water tank, we look at the water tank in the full water when the inside of the water scoop is in a horizontal line. If the internal water is full, Toilet Accessories the water tank is still in the water, then certainly leak out.

We use the water to the scoop card bit up and down to watch the water scoop of the degree of sensitivity, if there is not smooth, or difficult to move, Toilet Accessories then it is declared water scoop this equipment has failed. Remember to put the location of the water scoop a little, do not be too high. You can remove the water scoop the equipment, clean, if you do not understand the demolition, Toilet Accessories directly in the water tank where put dry water, wash with detergent, detergent once try. If this can continue to use, if not need to be replaced.

American standard toilet, Toilet Accessories is the bathroom brand leader, to provide customers with and bring a beautiful and harmonious bathroom environment. Toilet Accessories Bathroom brand to do the style of life, to create a comfortable and environmentally friendly human bathroom space.

American standard water tank accessories include the toilet inlet valve, the front wrench, drain valve seal rubber stopper, toilet toilet toilet water inlet button and so on.

After the installation to check the water tank with or without water leakage, first check the water pipe, water three to five minutes to rinse the pipeline, Toilet Accessories to ensure the water pipe clean. Install the angle valve and connect the hose, and then connect the hose to the inlet valve to connect the water source, check the inlet valve inlet and seal is normal, the drainage valve installation location is flexible with or without jamming.

In the receipt of the time to start the installation, Toilet Accessories the toilet factory are required to undergo a rigorous quality inspection, so if there are generally sold in the market are qualified products, but to know no matter how much the brand, are needed when the business side Out of the box inspection, Toilet Accessories check whether there are obvious defects and bruises, the existence of various parts of the color.