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Toilet Accessories Install Service
- Aug 18, 2017 -

When purchasing a toilet, it will be equipped with the corresponding water heating pipe. Most of the toilet sales store, will provide free installation services. If you really need to install yourself, or please install plumbing craftsmen, you need to prepare the following materials:

Glass glue. It is recommended to use white glass glue, do not use transparent. Because the use of transparent glass gel after a period of time, due to moisture and other reasons will become dirty black, seriously affect the appearance.

hose. It is recommended to use good quality hose accessories, this will be more peace of mind. If the use of quality, but the hose, there will be water leakage phenomenon, but also need to maintain the latter part of the replacement, more trouble. After the replacement is no longer leaking, and still more peace of mind. If the water leak to the wall, or the occurrence of floods, bring disaster to the home decoration, and downstairs decoration, because of small lost.

Raw tape. Connect the hose with the inlet pipe to use.

Tools to be prepared:

Glass guns. This general plumber will bring their own.

Active wrench. Connect the hose with the inlet pipe.

Utility knife. Cut the tape when used. Do not prepare the knife is also OK, hand can tear, is forced on the line.

Almost basically on these.

Flush toilet accessories installation steps:

1, to determine the installation location, and drilling in the ground. After aligning the ground drain and the sewage outfall at the bottom of the toilet, draw the corner of the toilet corner according to the external dimensions of the toilet seat and draw the hole with the impact drill. Hole depth of about 5 cm. The same time as

2, install the toilet base. Insert the steel expansion bolt into the ground hole, insert the corner of the toilet into the expansion bolt and tighten the nut to place the toilet. The toilet outlet is tightly connected to the ground drain pipe and sealed. The same time as

3, the installation of water tanks (one-piece toilet without this step) according to the installation height of the tank and the water tank after the wall position, the corresponding fixed position on the wall drilling and knocking steel expansion bolt, and then the water tank in place, so that after Wall hole into the expansion bolts, plus 3 mm thick nylon washers after the set of nuts and tighten. The same time as

4. Install the connection pipe between the tank and the toilet base (with copper or plastic pipe, etc.), and the connection pipe between the inlet pipe and the bottom of the tank (with stainless steel bellows, etc.). The inlet pipe should be fitted with an angle valve (inlet control valve). The same time as

5, the installation of water tanks and other accessories. The same time as

6, open the inlet valve, according to the required height of the water tank to adjust the float float height, and according to the size of the water spray valve to adjust the tightening of the control screw. The same time as

7, with putty or silicone, etc. will be the toilet seat and the gap between the ground seal. Do not use cement or cement mortar as a sealing material. The same time as

8, install the toilet seat and toilet cover.