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Toilet Accessories One Important Place Is The Water Tank.
- May 15, 2017 -

Toilet Accessories Toilet is our home commonly used bathroom supplies, although we often use, but there should be a lot of people to this is not very understanding it? It is the most important part of the water tanks, water tanks, many parts, although they Toilet Accessories are small, all are indispensable. These accessories also Toilet Accessories support the entire toilet, that today we are together to understand the next toilet accessories, see the tank fittings have what it!

First of all, we come to understand the toilet, do you know how to choose? I can touch its surface with my hands, feel it is shiny, the more shiny the better. In the market, Toilet Accessories now the siphon is relatively good, clean capacity is also better. Second, Toilet Accessories you can see if its water is compact, and then reference to water-saving.

In general there are intake valves, buttons and drainage valves. But each one is subdivided. For example, a button, there are generally two buttons, the size of the water is not the same, this button on the shape can be distinguished.

This refers to the Toilet Accessories water intake of a device, when we drain the volume will disappear, it is independent water, when the level reaches a certain position, will automatically stop.

When we need to flush the water, press the button, then it will begin to drain according to the scheduled water, when the scheduled water will Toilet Accessories stop after it, when necessary, need to repeat. Although this principle is very simple, but the quality is very important!

The proper use of toilets is the beginning of a guarantor's day of well-being. and toilet water tank is an important part of the toilet, once the problem is generally due to the water tank has problems caused by, so for everyone, the control of the tank components of the structure of the day-to-day repair is necessary.

Toilet tank assembly How to dismantle-Toilet tank demolition method

1, first check the old toilet there is no cracks, special attention to start lifting the toilet place, because the toilet is made of ceramics, like glass will cut people, so when moving the toilet to wear thick working gloves.

2, take up the water tank lid-Remove the lid, and get the lid will not meet the place.

3, turn off the water, the position of the valve is on the left side of the toilet.

4, the water in the tank washed away, pressing the water handle do not put, water completely streamer wearing rubber gloves, with a sponge or towel to drain the tank has not yet to go dry.

5, use small disposable containers to scoop out the remaining water in the toilet. Dry the rest of the toilet with a sponge or towel.

6, remove the connected pipes from the toilet, pour the excess water into the bucket.

7, let the water tank and toilet seat attached. The bolt may not be dismantled. The water tank is removed from the toilet seat, sometimes it takes several hours.

8, the nuts and bolts to be fixed down. Sometimes the bolt rotates, so the bolt is sawn with a hacksaw. You can buy a single-handle saws to facilitate the use of small spaces in the work area. If the toilet tank leaks open the toilet tank, we see the water tank inside the Lifeline becketed round is on a horizontal line. If the internal water is full, water tanks are still in the influent, then surely leaking out.