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Toilet Accessories Quality Identification Techniques
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Toilet water tank accessories are the core of the toilet, the industry called "toilet heart", mainly by the inlet valve, drain valve and button composition. In general, it can be divided into two categories: Siamese and Split.

Siamese accessories for Siamese toilet. Split accessories for split toilet. The inlet valve part can be divided into side water and bottom water, there are backward water. Drain valve part can be divided into double-press, hanging chain and barrel. The button portion can be divided into side buttons, top buttons and front buttons.

The inlet valve is used to automatically control the tank water into the device, when the water level in the tank as low as the working water level, the automatic start of the water, the water level to work when the water level automatically stop the water.

Quality identification techniques

1, depends on the certification mark and certificate: a lot of water tank accessories did not pass the Chinese water-saving certification, if the accessories have UPC certification that his products can enter the US market, this is an objective criterion for reference, please remember!

2, look at the weight and weight in the hands, if the feeling is very heavy, Shen said that the real material to the material.

3, smell: to see if there is pungent smell exists, if not is the quality can be trusted.

4, according to: hand easily press the drain valve, feel feel easy? Easy is a good product.

5, to see the color of the product, the water valve must be translucent plastic plastic color, if it is strange color or opaque, is the material in the shrinking,

6, to see the smooth surface of the product, the mold is fine whether there are flash, burr and the like, if not that can.

Industry terminology

Overflow water level

The water level in the tank is about to flow out of the overflow

Surplus water level

In the case of a static pressure of 0.6 MPa, the inlet valve is fully opened and the drain valve is completely closed, the maximum water level that can be reached when the water in the tank has overflowed is abbreviated as SL

Working water level

To meet the normal rinse process in the water tank in the water level height, abbreviated as: WL

Critical water line

The inlet valve produces siphon and siphon at the end of the lowest water line. Abbreviated as: CL

Residual water level

Close the inlet valve at the working water level, open the drain valve, when the drain valve is naturally closed, the height of the water level in the tank. Abbreviated as: RL

Water hammer

The water in the case of normal flow encountered the valve closed and caused by the instantaneous pressure rise.