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Toilet Accessories Replacement Method
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Toilet Accessories Toilet water tank accessories are a loss of products, after a long period of use will produce parts of the aging problem. Water tank main body and accessories is the main part of the whole toilet work, one but the aging of accessories will affect the function of the whole toilet. Toilet Accessories The various types of toilet water tanks in the market are sold, but can their own replacement of the toilet water tank accessories? Below, I would like to introduce you to the various toilet accessories replacement method.

Toilet water tank accessories are composed of three parts, they are water valve, drainage valve, flushing button. The toilet has conjoined and split two styles, the two kinds of water tank parts replacement method is basically the same, different is the way to open the water tank, the Siamese water tank cover and water tank is separated, as long as the water tank lid can see the basic structure of the water tank. Toilet Accessories In order to open the tank box, the split water tank needs to be unloaded from the toilet. Intake valve Part can be divided into the side water and the bottom, also has the LIFO. The drainage valve part can be divided into double pressing type, hanging chain type and barrel type. The button section can be divided into side buttons, top buttons, Toilet Accessories and front buttons. Regardless of the replacement of the accessories, before the replacement we need to pay attention to the water tank clean before the specific replacement operation

1: Inlet valve replacement method.

First, take down the cover plate on the toilet cistern and find the inlet valve in the water tank, and the nut of the inlet valve is usually fixed underneath it.Toilet Accessories After finding the nut, remove it, the inlet valve can be taken down, and then the new inlet valve can be fitted in this position.

2: Drainage valve replacement method.

The drain valve and the inlet valve are positioned just below the nut position. Install as long as the previous removal of the fixed nut reload, Toilet Accessories with the hand to detect the fixed firmness after the installation even if completed. After installation, install the toilet lid back up.

3: Button Replacement method.

Toilet flush buttons on the right side of the button and the top two buttons, someone said the button is broken to replace the water tank Otherwise there is no matching button. In fact, do not replace the tank, if your button is completely broken, you need to buy a complete set of button accessories to replace. If the link in the chain is only broken, the chain will be replaced by a new one. Before you buy a new accessory, Toilet Accessories you should check the button to see which part is broken, and then have the targeted purchase accessories.

Water Tank accessories Specifications are not the same, there are big and small, long and short, how can we accurately buy the appropriate water tank accessories? To buy the right accessories, you need to measure the size of the fittings in the tank before purchasing. The measured parts are the height of the water valve, the diameter of the button hole and the length of the button bar. At the time of purchase, we only need to make this data available to the sales staff to buy the right accessories